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The Post-Credits Ad

TBWA\RAAD, Dubai / OMO / 2020

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In Lebanon, when thinking of detergent brands, we think of ‘traditional mothers’. A segment that looks no further than Persil and Ariel who have been repeating identical claims for decades: We’ve got new cleaning formulas! Choose us!

Meanwhile, the median age of the Lebanese population is a young 30. So, when these archaic claims work with older traditional mothers, they definitely don’t resonate with the younger generation of future consumers; a dominating segment that has been blatantly ignored by all detergent brands. Including OMO. Thus, this young audience segment paid ZERO attention to any detergent brand and used whatever their mother bought. For OMO, this was an opportunity.

Brief: Millennials are indifferent and unresponsive to detergent brands. How do we make them love OMO?

Objective: Make millennials associate themselves with OMO.


No detergent brand in the region has ever thought of targeting millennials. This was OMO’s white space. But it was risky business. If done right, this was a chance to jump ahead of our toughest competitors by targeting a promising new segment. We needed to understand them from a psychographic viewpoint.

Over four weeks, Lebanese millennials were gathered in focus groups - from university students to executives in their early 30s. We wanted to know how they feel about brand love, especially when it comes to FMCG products. How could we drive millennials to identify themselves with OMO?

Insight: To get hooked, millennials want brands to move beyond the point of purchase and take part in today’s cultural conversations.


We created scene-like ads that drew parallelism between Marvel’s beloved superheroes and OMO’s cleaning superpowers. Instead of placing them before the movies started, we placed the ads before the post-credit scenes.

As end-credits faded… a washing machine suddenly appeared in a laundry room. A familiar costume lay atop. Captain America’s. On the opposite countertop: a 2.5L bottle of OMO liquid detergent in all its glory. A copy read: After the battle, remove villain stains in a snap of a finger.

A variation was developed for Spider-Man: Far From Home, which flips the shot upside down mimicking the superhero’s iconic viewpoint. Captain America’s costume was replaced with Spider-Man’s suit.

On June 27th, 2019 our ads were placed at 4 of Grand Cinemas’ largest-attending theaters all-over Lebanon, attracting an average of 3,000 movie-goers daily. Ads played throughout the movies’ entire 2-months release period.

Tickets were also turned into redeemable OMO sample coupons.


Capturing our new millennial audience when they were most focused meant our ad had the desired effect. After the movie ended, movie-goers weren’t only discussing Avengers’ post-credit scene. They were also discussing OMO’s surprise appearance. Bingo: conversation (un)officially hijacked.

- We reached more than 700,000 people who stayed to watch the post-credits OMO ads. (Client results)

- During the films’ release period, 70% of attendees exchanged their coupon with OMO samples at the ticketing reception area. (Client results)

- OMO online mentions increased by 31% throughout the campaign. (Crimson Hexagon)

- OMO online positive sentiment increased by 55%. (Crimson Hexagon)

While maintaining business-as-usual with traditional mothers, OMO managed to win the next generation of consumers. A breakthrough for detergent brands in the region. OMO became culturally relevant and developed a long-lasting brand affinity with Lebanese millennials.

Because of its success, Post-Credits Wash will resume with 2020’s much-anticipated Marvel movie releases.

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