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The Elevator Pitch

DDB STOCKHOLM, Stockholm / SAMSUNG / 2017

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The music industry is under constant change. Both production and distribution have become an almost non-barrier for aspiring artists. With so many songs written and albums released, the problem today has instead become how to stand out in the noise. We wanted to see if a wireless speaker could play a part in this. We installed a the Samsung R3 wifi speaker in the elevator of Warner Music Sweden, and invited artists to come hijack the muzak with their demos in order to get their songs heard – to get their foot in the door without actually entering the door. We created The Elevator Pitch.


We implented a new wifi network inside the elevator that connected the Samsung wireless speaker to the artists outside the record label building. Outside there were clear instructions on how to get your song heard. Every new artist arriving at the scene could play his/her song in a playlist that was then streamed inside the elevator, right into the ear canals of the Warner Music A&R Executives.


The online video has been viewed over 794 000 times in Sweden, with an estimated total reach of 25 030 000 impressions.

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