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We shared a very powerful insight, which is that it’s often difficult for men to pick women up at the club. Partly because of their own physical limitations and partly because of all the good-looking guys out there – guys who, with just one smile, get all the girls’ attention.

So, we put together a fake casting on a Saturday night at 10pm, bringing together all the biggest studs in Mendoza and promising them one thing: to be part of the greatest commercial in the history of Mendoza. While the casting was taking place, we also threw a massive secret party, giving mortal men a unique opportunity: enjoy a night out without the competition. Both events were documented and we used this footage to create a video telling the story, which later went viral on social networks and YouTube.


For two weeks via digital and traditional media, we invited the most attractive guys in Mendoza to participate in the most amazing beer ad ever. The place and time were the Hotel Sheraton at 10pm on a Saturday night.

One week before the casting, we launched another invitation on Andes’s social networks for a party in the most popular club in Mendoza at the same time as the beer ad casting.

That night, all the good-looking guys waited until the early hours of the morning to participate in the casting. It all took place very slowly, so as to prevent them from going out to the party, giving all the regular guys in Mendoza a unique opportunity to take home a girl that night. That’s what made it the fairest night of all.


The brand saw a significant increase in many categories.

The “Young Brand” category increased by 12 points, while the “Authentic Brand” category increased by 8 points.

In terms of content generated on social networks, social media content greatly exceeded average engagement, reaching 80% of our target audience.

100% of the views were organic and the idea was even picked up by various news media, newspapers, and websites, leading to global exposure, rather than simply regional.

#lanochemasjusta was a trending topic in the region.

Thousands of young people from around the world also requested their own Fairest Night of All.

More than 370 studs attended the casting, giving the common man 370 times better odds (that night).

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