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AB INBEV, New York / ABINBEV / 2021

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The wine industry is boring. BABE Wine isn’t. BABE is the carefree wine in a can that’s here to make our consumers feel seen, energized, and relevant. BABE’s goal for 2020 was to drive brand love with core consumers, and drive brand awareness with new audiences. But it’s tough to engage with customers in quarantine. As a brand, BABE needed to find new ways to interact with their consumers and show up in authentic ways, while staying true to their brand strategy.

BABE’s core consumers thrive at engaging and expressing themselves online. And through social-listening, BABE noticed they were stressed out about the 2020 Presidential Election.

The objective of the creative to respond in real time to the unprecedented cultural moment of the 2020 Presidential Election, while acquiring new customers and capturing first party data on BABE’s website.


We were all on edge throughout the 2020 Presidential Election. Remember that existential feeling of dread you had after the first debate? We all do. That night was such a disaster that social mentions of wine increased by 60% overnight.*

This response made America’s exceptional need for wine loud and clear. And with Election Night just around the corner, BABE Wine was inspired to help make what would surely be a longgg night a little bit more comfortable in a way that only BABE could; by creating an Election Night Survival Kit.

We advertised the limited-edition kit on social and sold it on BABE’s website The kit featured items to help our target consumers get through the stress of Election Night, including plenty of BABE Wine.

(*Source: Brandwatch (September 28 - 29, 2020))


Social-listening from the night of the first Presidential Debate showed that social mentions of wine surged. If the first debate was this bad, imagine Election Night - we had to activate quickly to help our consumers.

We decided to make a limited-edition kit and sell it via our website and promote it on our social channels to increase social engagement and awareness, capture new first party data, and drive DTC cross-sell.

The key visuals for the kit communicated the idea clearly and quickly, driving social conversation and traffic to BABE’s website.


In less than three weeks, the Election Night Survival Kit was concepted, approved by an army of lawyers, manufactured, and stocked on BABE’s website just in time for Election Day delivery. Keeping it in stock was the difficult part.

The Election Night Survival Kit not only responded in real time to America’s collective mental exhaustion, but also provided a solution.

It featured a pink stress ball to squeeze to distract from ranting on Twitter, tissues in case of tears (or sweat), a pillow to scream into, and of course, the wine America so clearly needed.

The kit was posted on BABE’s social media accounts, and everyone flipped for it. The kit sold out three times with people even asking to place bulk orders.


It also drove a 70% new customer acquisition rate and 10x our average daily social mentions, helping more people find out about BABE, and leading to 4x growth in our addressable audience in 2020 (vs a 2x growth goal).?

That’s what happens when a consumer insight meets the perfect idea.

(Oh, and a pillow to scream into helps too!)

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