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Instead of talking about Siemens innovations, we let the innovations speak for themselves – with the first accessible brand film.

An interactive installation was created, inspired by the products design and technology. The focus is on a man wandering through a number of continuously changing worlds with which he interacts in real-time.

Architecture, technology and design merge into a touchable whole.

No additional post-production was used in order to live up to the brands real-life innovations and technological excellence - and to make sure that the installation can be experienced live at exhibitions and events.


12 projectors, 15 workstations, and 10 infrared cameras were used at the same time on a 10m x10m cubic stage. The use of forms was derived from the architecturally reduced Siemens product design with the intention for the cubes to match the appliances shape.

The interactive settings showed stylized living environments from the brand world, which had previously been created in a game engine.

The intelligent camera tracking was derived from the Siemens home connectivity and sensor technologies. In a similar way, it allows the projections to react to the individual movement of the user.

The Siemens products are represented in a reduced x-ray look which origins in the Siemens iSensoric sensor technology.

Throughout the whole journey, the anamorphic projections enabled the viewer to have a 3D experience and showed the way from urban life across the world of home technology to leisure venues.


Architecture, technology and design merge into a touchable whole and result in a unique visualization of the brand's claim „Siemens. The future moving in.“

It was not only a film focusing on values in theory, but an experimental approach that gave room for experience. It delivered a „proof-of-concept“ that strengthened the brand identity.

The design has become the manifestation of the brand's visionary idea. The abstract, reduced futuristic staging of technology and living environments has converted to the brand's visual language in other media channels.

The brands overall communication has changed: The new key-visuals and print-ads of the products are based on the reduced and abstract design mantra created in this project.

The interactive approach has also resulted in a new online campaign site which enables the users to go on a journey much like the visual setting in the brand film.

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