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The First Mother of Mother's Day

*S,C,P,F..., Mexico City / HSBC / 2016

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The concept is “The First Mother of Mother’s Day”.

The idea behind it is monitoring thousands of hospitals all over the country and find the first woman to gave birth on May the10th. After that we went to the hospital to meet her and make her dream as a mother come true: A brighter future for her baby (with an HSBC Educational Fund). The last challenge was to upload a video of the initiative on the same day. We did it. This was our homage to all Mexican mothers.


The idea was a real time marketing action which consisted in finding the first mother of Mother's Day and give her an Education Trust Fund for her newborn as a surprise.

We deployed a nation wide operation with the collaboration of the National Institute of Health in 32 states covering all Mexican public hospitals (more than 1,260) and more than 300 private hospitals to find out the first woman in giving birth the 10 of May.

The challenge was reaching her without knowing in what part of the country the mother was going to give birth, and then film and edit the content on the go, to finally publish it hours later in Facebook.

This action was planned 3 weeks before Mother's Day and executed in less than 24 hrs, then released on May 10th.


In 48 hrs HSBC Mexico, he obtained the following results:


Reach: 4M

Views: 1.7M

Total Interactions: 49.5K

New Fans: 2.5 K


Views: 182 K

Landing Page: Unique visits: 45K 60% conversion rate from people requesting more information (26K)

Influencer Mention: Unique Visits: 9.2K

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