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CIRCUS, Istanbul / FINISH / 2022

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Finish has put water conservation at the center of its communication by spreading awareness and educating the population of Turkey for the last 3 years. Its campaign, focused on ending a simple pre-rinsing habit, reached millions of consumers. The message was strong, but it needed enforcement of an idea of a real risk that Earth's population is about to face. We needed to introduce one of the most current threats to our world and its future: Water Stress. Water Stress is a situation in which the water resources in a region are insufficient for its needs and become a threat to sustainable living.


We needed to create a unique media system to start the dialogue, create an impact and continue delivering the main message.

We sealed the broadcasting partnership deal with nine major TV channels to ensure the broadest media reach. We had to negotiate it with Turkey's four biggest rival telecommunication holdings.

Then, we developed a "hijacking" integration for the World's Water Day's special weathercast report. We changed the usual course of programming and switched all the weather report background maps to Turkey's 2040 Water Stress map. The typical report was interrupted by our special children's cast, which was recognized by the audience from the previous Finish TVC films. The children's role was to create an emotional impact and conveniently deliver data-driven facts.


For the message to be relevant to the media platform, we produced four original water forecast reports filmed in TV channels' own studios with their in-house weather reporters for nine TV channels. First, we covered the topic of water stress and water scarcity during our specially crafted Newsblocks.

Right after that, the usual weathercast started its own broadcast. Suddenly, all of Turkey's forecast maps were simultaneously switched to Water Stress maps. Weather reporters were surprised by the sudden appearance of unexpected studio guests -children. Children presented the Water Stress map, explained the threat they will face when they grow up, and asked today's adults to start saving water for the future.

We managed to deliver our impactful message in only 5-minutes long media blocks on nine TV channels. And then continued to deliver the message distributing it through other news outlets and billboards around the city.


On March 22nd alone, Future Forecast, together with the Newsblocks reached 19 million people and created 5 million in media and PR value.

#AkanSularDursun campaign's hashtag turned into a trending topic on social media within seconds.

The number of visitors to the brand's website increased 7x.

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