Cannes Lions

The Greens of Spring

SWITCH, Johannesburg / EXCLUSIVE BOOKS / 2016

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The ad starts with beautiful music and fresh spring sounds.

A narrator begins to describe the green hues of spring: “…the tender green of a seedling, bursting through the loam, cotyledons spread like training wheels for its giddy spiral journey toward the sun; the juicy green of a caterpillar’s wriggling protest as a mother bird carries breakfast to her brood of upturned beaks; the sweet green of a pea’s tendrils, climbing heavenwards on borrowed bridges of sap-green cambium…”

But then the narrator turns his attention to the Exclusive Books Spring Sale, where another type of ‘spring green’ is revealing itself: the proverbial ‘green of envy’ on a woman’s face, as she notices the book that she wanted to buy, already in another woman’s basket.

The narrator then appeals to listeners to get to the Spring Sale early, ‘as the sparrows do’, to avoid experiencing this unfortunate type of ‘spring green’.

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