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These are promotional posters for a TV show airing on NHK, Japan's public broadcaster. The TV show focuses on the specific details of each Ukiyo-e print, enabling the viewers to enjoy them in an unconventional way.

Our challenge was to come up with a unique design that reflects the novel, academically-tested approach to understanding Ukiyo-e that is the basis for the TV show.

Using Inkjet technology, a new ukiyo-e appreciation experience using TV show, which is practiced in the program, is realized even with a 2D poster.


We made promo posters for a TV show.

The program focuses on "Ukiyo-e", a delicate subject matter, but also focuses on the details that have been overlooked with the latest 4K8K technology. However, using ukiyo-e as a motif for posters cannot be differentiated from posters for existing ukiyo-e exhibitions. For this reason, the technique of "focusing on details that are different from the subject" of the program was diverted to posters.

The black part is created with ink jet printing technology to create subtle irregularities so that the whole image of Ukiyo-e can be slightly raised. The viewer follows the story of the ukiyo-e, lurking in the hidden part, while taking actions such as peeping and touching the poster. By the action of the viewer approaching, the picture can be discovered not only visually but also tactilely.


When you look at the poster, you can see an impressive black shape first.The shape is based on kanji character, which represents the noun of the noteworthy object in the ukiyo-e on the poster. In order to emphasize the intention of the program, "Ukiyo-e is not art, but life," we use black filters in the form of typography to blackout most of the painting and focus on points.

The printing technology of inkjet creates subtle irregularities and adjusts the whole image of ukiyo-e slightly to emerge. This allowed viewers to take action, such as peeking at the poster or approaching it, in an attempt to find the essence of the hidden picture. Ukiyo-e made it possible for both micro and macro to realize that many meanings were hidden at a glance, and succeeded in concentrating the 5min TV program's experience on a single poster.


For 4K specialty channel programs that are being promoted, the aim is to expand the touchpoints with posters that condense the viewing experience of the programs, and play a part in 4K diffusion as well as programs. Notices at universities and museums, at Osaka Station have started. PR VTR using posters is also broadcast on national broadcasting.

The program, which began broadcasting in 2017, continues to produce more than 90 titles, appeals to those who are not interested in ukiyo-e, and has been well received, with plans to extend airing time and expand overseas.

Our approach uses 4K Ultra HD tech to bring details into focus, giving us a deeper understanding of the customs and atmosphere of the times. It has also allowed us to gain insights from lesser-known works. This new approach has been recognized by the International Ukiyo-e Society and is now used in university courses.

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