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The IKEA Human Catalogue

IKEA SOUTHEAST ASIA, Singapore / IKEA / 2018


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We got a human to memorise the entire IKEA Catalogue. And made her the PR vehicle to make the catalogue famous again. We tested her in front of IKEA experts, sent her to press events, and tested her LIVE on Facebook in front of thousands of viewers. From reporters to consumers, to even Steve Harvey, everyone who heard about the story was curious to meet her, test her, pick up the catalogue and try memorising pages themselves.

Her incredible story helped us reach an audience way beyond our media-buying capacity.

People were watching branded content about Yanjaa online, or seeing her on News. At the same time, they were studying the catalogue offline, decoding how she memorised everything. Even when they were watching her being tested, they were paying attention to the IKEA products more than ever. Making the experience more enriching and experiential.


It all started with an experiment: to challenge someone to memorise the entire 2018 IKEA catalogue. 4818 products. 328 pages. One incredible story.

She became the living, breathing catalogue for all practical purpose.

She was in our advertising and branded content. She was at all the Catalogue press launches in South-east Asia. Through earned media she became the face of the IKEA catalogue on TV, radio, newspapers, and social media.

Was that even humanly possible? The answer to that question became the premise of our launch film. Where Yanjaa was tested in front of IKEA experts. From reporters to influencers to consumers, everyone who heard about the story was curious to know more. To meet her, test her, pick up the catalogue and try it for themselves. On 6th Sep 2017, the IKEA Human Catalogue went on Facebook LIVE and was tested by a LIVE audience in front of thousands.



Social conversation and shares were generated in 71 countries. The story reached 124 countries in total from coverage in over 100 different media brands across all media types, most notably peak Television editorial. Aggregated views of the films in owned media exceeded 17,000,000.An independent analysis aggregates the reach of all of this activity to be in excess of 73,000,000 people.


Using programmatic tagging we identified that 54% of those exposed to Yanjaa’s film assets visited the site to learn more about the catalogue after viewing without clicking on a banner or link! In total 65% of total web traffic across the period was attributable to the campaign.

In total the campaign generated an ROI of 1:18 in SGD.

More importantly, it made a lot of people in the world pick up the catalogue and read it. Making an icon relevant in 2018 again.

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