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The impossible game

TBWA\PARIS, Boulogne-Billancourt / SNCF (NATIONAL RAILWAYS) / 2016


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Welcome in the future of mobility !

Basically, students in engineering schools are seduced by companies like Google for its innovative image, and think SNCF is dusty. So, we decided to create a corporate campaign which throw young engineers in the future !

Indeed, with urban explosion, cities are becoming exciting playgrounds, an incredibly complex development for residents and especially the companies that transport them. Mobility will be a key issue in this new urban landscape and the industrial, technological and environmental challenges faced are enormous.


The five challenges combine video, complex calculations and gaming interaction.

CRAFT \ The experience is inspired from retro gaming universe. We worked with Marie-Laure Cruschi –illustrator and graphic designer specialised in modular forms- to give to the five challenges a figurative form and to express futuristic cities.

UX AND UI DESIGN \ The whole site doesn’t have a traditionnal navigation bar : the userflow is based on a big timeline that gamer browses in a play/stop mode.

GAMING INTERACTION \ It creates a new gaming experience where the smartphone become the gamepads : first the user connect his smartphone with the site using an email or text message system, and then he can use it like a remote !


The operation is still on air (ending 18th April). But for now, the results are very encouraging :

• REACH : 28 269 visitors (3min14 average time)

• ENGAGEMENT : 60% of these visitors play to the challenges

• GAMING : 1 visitor on 3 uses the smartphone like a remote, and we notice that the 2 favorite challenges are the more interactive ones (N°1 & N°4). The maximum passed time is 49 minutes, and 29 minutes of using the gamepad.

• RECRUITMENT PROCESS : 56% created profiles, 100 CV sent.

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