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The King of Fire Screens

INGO, Stockholm / BURGER KING / 2019

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During Christmas many house fires occur in Sweden. Many of them are due to sparks that jump out of open fireplaces. Many people don't use a fire screen, which can prevent this from happening.

Burger King är experts of fire, having flame grilled their burgers since 1954. They always look for an opportunity help out and to tell this story to the public and saw an opportunity here.


Burger King in Sweden designed and produced a Fire Screen to prevent open fire places from shooting out sparks into peoples homes. It was in the shape of a Burger King restaurant, through the windows (with fire proof glass) you can see the fire inside the restaurant. It was launched well before Christmas and sold it in restaurants and on


The Fire Screen weighs 13 kilogram, is made of recycled iron and "green" electricity. Designed by the Danish industrial design duo Carl & Carl in Berlin who are specialized in working with cast iron and produced by the renowned Tierps Foundry, founded 1886. A special transport wooden box was made for shipping.


All produced Fire Screens, 100, were sold out. It was talked about in the press, internationally and in Sweden, and on national TV. A launch film was made and aired online. The campaign earned several 100 million impressions, in Sweden and internationally.

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