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The Last of Us Part II – From The Beginning

AKQA, Portland / PLAYSTATION / 2021

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The Last of Us Part II saw the return of Ellie, now as the protagonist. No longer the innocent teenager fans grew to love from the original game, Ellie’s story follows her on a journey of retribution. But conflict over the cost of retribution exists within Ellie and the launch spot for the game put this duality on display.


The personal cost of executing justice to a wrong and determining whether it is worth it is a common theme in our history. In The Last of Us Part II, gamers are introduced to an Ellie very different from the young girl they remembered, whose wondrous view of the world played off her protector Joel’s grizzled survivalism. Now a hardened survivor in her own right, Ellie relentlessly pursues vengeance for the death of Joel, haunted by trauma but still seeking to build a normal life.

The launch spot for the game tightly weaves these two forces together, showing Ellie at her most tender and her most vengeful. As she sings about her loss of innocence through a nostalgic cover of New Order’s “True Faith,” scenes of intimate moments cut against tense action as Ellie seeks vengeance, spurred in equal parts by love and anger.

Ran on broadcast in US and Europe.

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