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The Milk Motto

VML, Riyadh / ALMARAI / 2024

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Milk, despite its healthy and nutritious benefits, is losing flavor among Saudi kids these days, with mothers finding it challenging to integrate it into their daily routines.

Almarai, the largest vertically integrated dairy company in the world, observed a significant dip in fresh milk sales and volume, primarily linked to a decline in breakfast occasions and overall milk consumption. This downturn needed an unconventional approach, so Almarai took it upon themselves to break the clutter and revive milk’s presence on the family table.


Almarai’s brief was clear--- to come up with a lasting solution and strategic framework that would not only encourage kids to drink milk but to rebuild the habit itself.


- Bring back milk’s popularity and foster a love for it among kids

- Drive an increase in milk consumption and sales within a declining category


To make milk popular among kids again, we wanted to embed it back into the cultural fabric. There’s an abundance of expressions teaching good habits. Oddly, there’s nothing for milk. So, Almarai created the first-ever milk motto: “Sherb el Halib, Ser el Labib” or “Milk Every Day, Is the Smart Way.” This motto was crafted to provide parents with a tool to instill a daily reminder for their kids to drink milk.

To make our motto stick, we launched with a catchy song on Spacetoon which was played on school drop-offs and pickups. We created educational posters in school, a children’s story, outdoor advertising, limited edition labels, and innovative AI-powered activation on Anghami, the region’s number one music platform. All of which, directed parents to a website for parents to download educational tools to teach their kids.


Target Audience:

The primary target audience was parents, particularly mothers, and children in Saudi. Recognizing the diverse population, the motto was thoughtfully translated into multiple languages resonating with various nationalities within the region.


The integrated journey unfolded across online and offline channels. The motto was launched as a catchy song, featuring popular singer Rasha Rizk on Spacetoon. It was aired on radio during school drop-offs and pickups. The journey continued in schools using educational posters, while outdoor spaces were used as a giant classroom to teach parents. A bedtime story was illustrated and a year-long animated series was created with Spacetoon. POS material and a limited-edition label directed parents to a website, offering downloadable educational tools.


A holistic approach addressed diverse touchpoints, ensuring a well-integrated, long-term solution. The motto is beyond just a campaign, it’s a tool to support parents in educating their kids for generations to come.



The campaign launched in time for back-to-school season with multiple online and offline channels running in parallel.


Running for over four months now, the campaign seamlessly unfolded its various components to maximize impact and engagement. However, this campaign is set to still be running for a full year as it is crucial for the motto’s success.


The campaign intentionally placed its elements across diverse media. From the captivating song on Spacetoon and radio spots to educational posters in schools and impactful outdoor displays, the placement was ensured widespread visibility.


This was a nationwide initiative, covering Saudi Arabia and the greater region. With a deliberate focus on inclusivity, the campaign targeted Arabic speakers, as well as different nationalities within the kingdom from kids to mothers. The scale aimed for maximum outreach, ensuring the motto reached every corner of the diverse Saudi population.


• The song topped the charts on Anghami for 16 days.

• Love for milk among kids increased from 34% to 44% in just 3 months.

• Almarai was able to grow the fresh milk category by 4%.

• The AI activation reached 10% Engagement rate - (surpassing the benchmark by 100%)

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