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The Most Legible Label

AFRICA, Sao Paulo / HEINZ / 2019

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In Brazil, the food industry is obliged to specify the ingredients a product contains on the back of the packaging. The problem is that usually brands put everything in minuscule letters to make it harder to read and thus hide artificial ingredients that lower end price.

Heinz Ketchup is made with 100% natural ingredients and no preservatives. Our goal was to convey this information to consumers in the most straightforward way possible.


Surveys indicate that consumers all over the world are increasingly more interested in knowing what’s in the products. Having this information as a starting point, we used this consumer insight to make it a habit. We changed Heinz Ketchup 140-year-old label, the first and main touch point between customers and brand, substituting it by the list of ingredients that make the product.


We substituted the name of Heinz Ketchup, over a 140-years old, by the six ingredients that make the ketchup. What used to be in tiny letters became visible on supermarket shelves and 6 million labels were printed.


More than 6 million labels were printed and distributed in supermarkets all over the country, impacting more than 69 million people. The action of the most legible label increased 500% the number of interactions with the brand in social networks and provoked a change of habit in consumers. According to a survey, 60% of the people impacted by the campaign started reading the back label on products.

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