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The Most Precious Gift

HEIMAT, Berlin / OTTO & CO KG / 2017

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Our idea was to make the commercial a gift on its own. An artistic film, which stands out not only by the way it’s done, but also by its powerful moral. The insight: Instead of stuff give the most precious thing you have: time.


OTTO launched a unique animated shortfilm with a strong message. A film, that does not bother people with selling products, but instead, delivers a relevant insight during the most stressful time of the year: Give the most precious thing you have. Time.

The core was the digital platform #ZeitGeschenke. Here we create a tool that gives people concrete inspiration, how and where they can give time.


in total more then 7.7 mio views online

• 2.9 mio views on youtube (800k views more then the christmas campaign before)

• more then 4.8 mio views, 23.7k interactions, 9k shares and 1.3k comments on facebook

• trending of „first choice“ constantly positiv, good advertising memory (source: GfK)

• 3rd place by the most creative christmas campaigns in Germany (source: trade press „horizont“)

• awarded by Awwwards "The Best 365 Websites Around The World" in 2016

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