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The 1st, 2nd and 3rd July 2016, two major rock festivals happened at the same time in France about 400 miles away from each other: Les Eurockéennes Festival in Belfort and The Main Square Festival in Arras, which attract every year over 200 000 music lovers.

To solve the line-up dilemma for any music lover, we launched the world premiere VR live concert; the Samsung Multiplex stream VR festival.

Thanks to smartphone Galaxy 7 and the Gear VR headset, we allowed the festival-goers to enjoy the two line-ups at the same time for the same price thanks to a VR live broadcasting. We demonstrated to millennials the Samsung brand capability to allow them to do what they couldn’t do before.


In order to welcome festival-goers in the best conditions possible, we installed one branded stand of 50 square meter at the heart of each festival with VR headsets connected to 360° cameras installed on the stages themselves.

With 30 Gear VR headsets in each experiential stand, visitors could see the concerts given at the other festival in real-time and in 360°. The cameras were set up directly on stage, so that once users put on the VR headset, they were directly immerged next to the performing artists playing, and could see them play just a few meters away.

27 concerts were live broadcasted in 3 days including Mass Hysteria, Lou Doillon, The Kills, Ellie Goulding…


- For 3 days, more than 5000 festival-goers did the experience

- 42% of festival-goers mentioned they have seen the Samsung brand on the festival

- 35% of festival-goers now intend to buy a Samsung device

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