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We created an innovative piece that clearly showed the brand’s concept: An equinoctial brew, for the chosen few; turning a simple printed ad into an interactive experience. The brand published a print with a hidden message that could only be revealed with a mobile LED flashlight, without any apps or QR.

Using a unique printing technique, we developed an ad that revealed Abraxas’ secret message only by cracking the code and using light through a completely obscure page.

On the black-printed page, which symbolized darkness, we invited users to solve the riddle with a simple tool in their mobiles. On the following page, we had a white side that represented light, thus bringing to life the brand’s narrative of balance and mystery, allowing only the chosen ones to discover Abraxas, a brand filled with mystique and hermeticism.


Creating this piece needed thorough research on the print field, continuous iterations and programmed testing to obtain the needed outcome. The ad consisted of two pieces of paper glued together, each with different weight allowing the light to get through and unveil the hidden message.

To contact our target, we developed a strategy with specific touch points enhancing a powerful narrative through its key benefit: the secrecy and mystique surrounding Abraxas’ brewing. Due to our audience sophistication we needed a highly innovative approach and surprise them to position our brand through the use of liquor codes on specialized media such as Lima Magazine in its Father’s Day edition appealing to the male consumer.

As a result, we had an interactive experience generating awareness for a new brand in 9,000 magazine prints to our potential target (high and upper-middle SES) with the ad.


We positioned the brand as the first Ultra Premium Ale in Peru giving consumers an option to switch in occasions that used to be accompanied by spirits.

• +5pp of market share in the Ultra Premium segment during campaign.

• +44% volume increase during the campaign.

• 1,049% ROI from the print. Only one ad published in that period.

Media around the world was amazed by the piece trying to crack the code behind its technology and production. Drupa, Lüzers Archive, AdWeek, Creapills, Digitalbuzz, Trendhunter, LatinSpots, among other important worldwide specialized media reached the brand for answers but the mystery was never unveiled.

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