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The Neymar Jr. Effect

VRSE.WORKS, Los Angeles / NIKE / 2016

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'The Neymar Jr. Effect" is an amazingly unique Virtual Reality advertisement for Nike promoting the new Hypervenom Phantom II, featuring Brazilian Football legend Neymar Jr. The 360-degree video offers a 90-second on-field experience from the perspective of Neymar himself along side international teammate Philippe Coutinho, to score an exciting goal. Watched from the player’s POV as he shoots for a goal, viewers can feel first-hand the adoration Neymar routinely experiences from a stadium full of fans. Meanwhile the Virtual Experience is riddled with easter eggs (including a streaker), making viewers return to the experience over and over again.


The Virtual Reality experience became viewable on YouTube's 360° Video where viewers could pan and drag around the experience on their phones, tablet or desktops. If viewers had a Google Cardboard, they could opt for the Google Cardboard function and watch as a Virtual Reality film.


Since launching on YouTube 360° Video, the Virtual Reality experience has been viewed more than 5 million times.

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