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DEUTSCH, New York / PNC BANK / 2015

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There are no specific restrictions on branded entertainment in the United States that had an impact on this campaign.


To make the book relevant to today’s kids and their families, we explored a modern phenomenon in the story – our growing dependence on technology and its tendency to get in the way of connecting with one another in meaningful ways.

To make the book stand out in a sea of children’s books on the market today, we partnered with illustrator Sarah Mazzetti, who brought a unique and charming look to the story. This was her first children’s book.

Illustrator: Sarah Mazzetti

Typefaces: Esmerelda Pro & Doko

Paper: 100-pound matte bright white


The Great Carol Comeback campaign, which of The Partridge Who Lost His Pear Tree was a part, received the broadest publicity and highest levels of engagement in the 31-year history of the Christmas Price Index, making it the most successful ever.

Overall Campaign Results:

• Over 1,000 media mentions across print, online and broadcast, with coverage by major national and international media outlets, including Today Show, Good Morning America, New York Times, CNBC, Washington Post, and Daily Mail

• Over 7.3 million people reached via social media on Facebook and Twitter

• Over 2.3 million content views/engagements

• An unprecedented 45% social engagement rate (seasonal avg. is 2.4%)

• Over 23K people shared their favorite pieces of content

• Over 2,400 teachers downloaded lesson plans (twice as many as in 2013)

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