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The Plantable Book

VML, Kansas City / KASHI CO. / 2016

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We created a book that not only tells the story of new Kashi products—it literally becomes them. Everything you need to grow the ingredients in the products is bound into the book—a pot, gloves, dirt, paper with imbedded seeds, garden markers, growing instructions, a shovel and even instant water. We sent it to the biggest skeptics and our consumer’s most trusted influencers and watched as they grew our products and shared the results.


Every bespoke element was handmade. It includes a custom-etched reclaimed wood cover with an exclusive design as well as more than 150 pages of original watercolor art. Throughout the book, there is custom handmade paper, including a page made of coconut fiber that turns into a pot, a page made of dirt, a page with imbedded seeds, a balsawood page with removable garden markers, an insert of dry water and a back cover with a pop-out planting shovel. Fifty books were printed and sent around the country to key target-audience influencers.


At the time of this submission, the books had been mailed only two days prior. However, we have already began to receive positive responses. An Olympic athlete stated that her mind was completely blown by the book and one blogger even called it “the coolest and most beautiful thing she had ever been sent.” These reactions not only told us that they believed our story, but by talking positively about the brand they were also encouraging their followings to give Kashi a second chance.

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