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BBDO ARGENTINA, Buenos Aires / CORONA / 2019

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Argentina is one of the countries that most contaminates the environment with plastic waste.

This data is shown through the execution of this idea.

This happens because there isn't true awareness of what happens when used plastic is disposed of incorrectly. This is a reality that nobody actually sees. And that is why the aim of the campaign was to give the issue greater visibility.

The campaign was developed in the summer, a time when a large number of people choose the beaches as their vacation destination. So the timing was also chosen with the idea of generating an impact at a moment when the sea is the focus of attention, and people were more prone to join the clean-up events organized at many beaches along the Argentine coast.


In this campaign we created a replica of the bottom of the sea: A 7.5 m long tank in which a volume of plastic material was introduced every day, proportional to that which enters the ocean every day. This data was obtained crossing data from various statistic sources that indicate that 432,264 kg of plastic material are thrown every day into the Argentine sea.

This piece was placed at one of the most populated transport hubs in the city. The installation is intended to raise awareness of what is happening with plastic waste that is not properly taken care of.

The campaign was supplemented in different digital media, communicating new ways to make better use of plastic material and invitations were issued to clean-up events organized by the brand during last summer.


The plastic pollution in the ocean is a global problem but we needed to show how serious it is in our country.

Argentina is the 28th country with the highest marine pollution in a list of 192 countries and, in order to get a bigger impact, we crossed different statistics to find a stronger data: 432.264kg of plastic enter our oceans every day.

Our target was 25 year old men & women who crave for outdoor life. They find in nature a way to disconnect. This generation is sustainable native; in different degrees they are connected to sustainable issues and most of them want to be more involved to solve them.

We stated a single key message throughout the campaign: PLASTIC DOESN’T BELONG IN THE OCEAN. And established 3 verticals to work on: Make aware (people about the problem), Enable (consumers to help), Celebrate (the results of the work done).


The tank was placed at the Retiro train terminal on January 22, 2019. It was removed on February 11. Every evening, after the terminal was closed to the public, a certain volume of plastic material proportional to that thrown to the actual ocean was added into that space.

A teaser campaign had been sustained on social media the days before, inviting to come see the activation. As the days went by, we were able to show how contamination advanced with the plastic material added.

The campaign was amplified by different media, including newspapers and news TV shows. In addition various media and social network celebs came to see the installation and shared them, which added to the visibility campaign.


The social media campaign reached 990,160 organic impressions in terms of earn media. As for the Branded content, 13,771,978 organic impressions were achieved. The total of the campaign hit almost 15 MM organic impressions and more than 18 MM people.

Thanks to this campaign, we were able to fully met two of the objectives we had. In the first place, we achieved a record registration for the Corona clean ups: we ran out of enrollment quotas in all the beaches where we organized those. The other objective fulfilled was that thanks to this concurrence, we managed to clean more than 19,000 m2 of the Argentine coast (almost 10 beaches).

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