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48 Hours Rescue: Corona Will Never Give Up the Lime

PARTY A, Shanghai / CORONA / 2021

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"Drinking Corona with lime" has been part of the Corona brand for decades. The lime slice (wet garbage) put in the bottle is difficult to take out and separate from the Corona bottle (recyclable garbage), which violates China's garbage classification policy and will result in severe fines, which greatly affects Corona's sales. We need to restore the image of the Corona brand in the incident and lead the discussion to a positive level to stabilize Corona's sales.


We do not evade the crisis, but boldly amplify the crisis that Corona encounters, incite the whole society to find a way to remove the lime from the Corona bottle, increase the discussion in social network, and finally the official announce the most lightweight solution ( Change the traditional 1/8-slice lime formula to 2 x slice 1/16 lime), to call back consumers' favor.


We boldly amplify the crisis encountered by Corona, incite the whole society together to find a way to remove the lime from the Corona bottle, triggering and updating the discussion in social network, and finally proclaim the lightest solution to the consumers Goodwill.


Corona’s interaction with consumers has generated thousands of ways to “take out limes” in the form of short videos and pictures on WeChat, Weibo and other social platforms, in conjunction with Corona’s “1/16 lime” announcement that it would not give up lime, and within 48 hours from July 1 to July 3, 48M of earned media was triggered.


·58 million earned impression

·Lime ritual doing rate grew 14%

·Social Buzz Index ranks 1st in China beverage industry

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