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Approximately 90% of our lives happen at home. This generates a brutal disconnection with nature, which is essential for general well-being. That’s why this time, Corona, the beer that invites you to experience the outside world as a brand purpose, wanted to make a very different billboard to the one it usually does in the summer. They wanted this billboard to create the buzz during the summer advertising season in Peru. And they wanted to achieve this to reinforce the association between the brand and nature, generating much more than just one catchy shot, and activating in completely new spaces for the consumer.


Living Billboard is a real-time performance that shows that nature is capable of giving life and invites you to let yourself receive life. We created a billboard that literally comes to life thanks to wind power and also traces a route of natural activities so that people may experience for themselves that life we talk about. Our billboard moved by different points of southern Peru, generating moments for people to be able to get close to it. In addition, we created different digital amplifications to have more points of contact with our customers and generate a more immersive experience.


Corona speaks to young, social people, who are interested in a natural lifestyle. In this way, we decided to talk to them in a totally unexpected way. Not with the traditional advertising format that they no longer consume, but with a 360 experience that demonstrates something very concrete and without tricks: nature makes us live. This was not only a message with which they connected, but we also gave them the opportunity to experience the power of nature by themselves, through activities very ad hoc to their lifestyle.


In partnership with Edi Merida, a Peruvian artist and inventor with a great career, we created a billboard with a bamboo and cane structure, and a canvas made with natural fibers. This billboard was mechanically designed to be able to walk thanks to the shape of its legs and the wind that pushed the canvas. For three weeks, our billboard was taken to different media and natural areas of the southern coast of Peru, where it was able to walk long routes being pushed and driven by the wind only. Living Billboard walked approximately 55 kilometers in total, generating spontaneous reactions among the people who saw it, as well as among the people who saw our broadcast on different digital media. In different points of the city, we created meetings between the billboard and the people around it, as well as with some influencers, so that the experience was bigger


Living Billboard managed to walk, by wind power only, approximately 55 kilometers. This real-time activation managed to get great media coverage in up to 25 countries and more than 10 million people followed the tour of our billboard. And not only that, but in total we have impacted 1.2 billion people around the world.

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