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The pregnancy test for men

DLV BBDO, Milan / SCA HYGIENE / 2017

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We made Tempo stand not only for illness and unpleasant conditions, but also for happy moments too. And no event could be happier and more emotional than a pregnancy announcement.

We started by studying the emotional/behavioural patterns of the couples who go through this situation in life to understand that only 28% of women discover they’ll be moms in the presence of their partners. To ensure that the other 72% of them live that moment in a less solitary and impersonal way, we switched the roles by creating a sharing pregnancy test that reveals the results to the man first, so he can let his woman know whether or not she is pregnant in a sweeter way. In doing so, we connected with our audience in a manner no other brand has ever done and encouraged them to associate Tempo hankies with the most emotional moments of life too.


From designing the user experience to prototyping the app to improving the design of the tester itself, we made our Wi-Fi enabled digital sharing pregnancy test with the same dimension and accuracy of a high-end one. To give aspiring moms the chance to discover the result from their men, not from an impersonal, solitary pregnancy test.

This way, for the first time in history, on March 18 a man announced to his partner that they would become parents. As expected, conservatives and feminists attacked the man and the idea, clashing against thousands of people in favour of this alternative scenario. This national debate gave Tempo the opportunity to take a stand for consumers' right to choose how to live this emotional moment by activating celebrities, influencers, individuals and groups who got the first samples of our pregnancy test and started sharing their support of this innovation and the brand behind it.


On the launch day, Tempo Pregnancy Test trended in Italy on Twitter, generating news coverage, blog articles and social media posts with a total reach of 53 million impressions and 71,000 interactions. That same day, 500 promotional kits (pregnancy test + box of hankies) were gone in hours and 8,000 requests were made for more information/stock. One week later, a survey showed that 67% of women who had seen our pregnancy test said it would help them let their men divulge the news and 81% of 36,000 social media mentions have been favourable. Due to its success, a further 5,000 kits will be distributed to select supermarkets, pharmacies and gynaecologists.

Most importantly, for the first time, we made Tempo hankies a topic of conversation with a happy reason to buy and not only for illness or unpleasant moments. Because sometimes needing a Tempo is the most beautiful thing that can happen.

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