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GPY&R, Brisbane / SUNCORP INSURANCE / 2016

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Queensland, Australia has a lot of creatures that can kill you (see list of deadly creatures below). And for some reason locals wear that dangerous reputation as twisted badge of honour.

That insight lead us to present insurance discounts for over 65-year-olds as a reward for surviving in a such a harsh environment.

LIST: Queensland, Australia has 23 of the world's top 30 most venomous snakes, aggressive, deadly spiders like the Funnel Web and Red Back. The majority of the population live on the east coast which is infested with sharks. Man-eating Salt Water Crocodiles inhabit the Tropical North. The venom of the tiny Blue-Ringed Octopus is so toxic it can kill 26 humans in minutes. And its mate, the Box Jellyfish is known as the most venomous creature on the planet. There are a lot more, but you get the idea.


IMPLEMENTATION: A media plan was created for Queensland radio based on the most popular programs for over 65s. The tactical nature of the campaign also suited radio's quick response and turnaround.

TIMELINE: The campaign was placed tactically in response to offers from other insurance companies to attract over 65-year-olds.

PLACEMENT: Radio during the most popular shows for 65-year-olds.

SCALE: The campaign scale was directly determined by the reach of radio and in response to Suncorp Insurance competitors.


BUSINESS IMPACT: The radio generated a 7.6% increase in enquiries from our target market with a 65% conversion rate into new policy holders.

RESPONSE RATE: Almost 60% of the new acquisitions came from our direct competitor RACQ who have largest market of over 65-year-old policy holders in Queensland.

CHANGE IN BEHAVIOUR: As an acquisition campaign using a mass medium, the results for behaviour change are best demonstrated by enquiries which increased by 7.6% during the campaign.

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