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The Red Hops Experiment

CP+B COPENHAGEN, Copenhagen / CARLSBERG / 2018

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We made a beer thats flavour was affected by the sights and sounds of Liverpool FC matches in order to honour Carlsberg's 25 year sponsorship of Liverpool FC. Plants, they're affected by

light, but some scientists believe they are also affected by sounds and music. We used this

science to grow hops, an essential ingredient in beer, to the sights and sounds from the last 25 years of Liverpool FC matches.


Using large-scale LCD screens in a greenhouse, we grew hop plants from seed to 5-meter-tall while immersed in LFC matches from the past 25 years. After 6 months the hops were

harvested and used to brew the special beer.

When launching the campaign, the PR efforts were spread into two phases. Phase one was

kicked off on September 15th with outreach to the selected target media. In addition to this,

interviews were also setup between LFC Legends and local sports media.

In the second phase, the beer was launched with tasting events across Carlsberg markets for

sports journalists and local LFC supporters clubs. In the UK, the beer was sampled in special

pubs and at Anfield before Liverpool's Premier League match on October 28th. The purpose of phase two was to give journalists and fans alike the opportunity to taste the beer and hereby generate further buzz.


The story of the uniquely brewed fan-beer spread across the globe from LFC supporters clubs

to the broader media, generating a total of 416M+ media impressions. But most importantly, it generated an overwhelming amount of positive press and comments from football fans

wanting to taste the beer and engage with the Carlsberg brand. In the end, we made LFC fans

proud of having Carlsberg as their club sponsor.

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