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The Scimitar's Arc, Artbreaks

MARCEL SYDNEY, Walsh Bay / ABC / 2016

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We wrote 8 original poems around topics as provocative as DEATH, SEX, DRUGS, HUNTING, POVERTY, DROWNING, LOVE AND INDIGENOUS RIGHTS.

Then we did something quite extraordinary as marketers...we let go!

The 8 poems were sent to a broad group of highly respected Australian actors, musicians and filmmakers, who were then given the opportunity to artistically interpret them as they saw fit.

No defined deadlines. No budgets. No client briefings. The agency wasn't even present at the pre-pro or shoot and edit. The idea was to prove the artistic integrity of the ABC by leaving Australian artists free to improvise and interpret our words in their own craft.


Once we had created the 8 art breaks films (they range in length between 1 and 3 minutes long), we created our own artbreaks online ABC channel within the main iView Arts platform.

The series was launched on April 1st, 2016.

As our audience is very mobile globally and the iView platform is geo-locked to Australia, we also created art as a site that could be instantly uploaded globally and shared on all social platforms.


viewership, however...

Given the core intent of the project was to notify and impress the broad, famously eclectic arts community in Australia on the stronger presence of Arts within the ABC product, the immediate response and debate created by the artbreaks launch across a diverse body of media outlets...from the country's most respected national newspaper THE AUSTRALIAN, to fashion mags like GQ, international production industry sites like SHOTS and Independent Film Magazine and arts bodies like the Sydney Writer's Festival all collectively suggest that we have achieved our goals.

As a sign of the excitement the project has created, 6 further art breaks films are already in pre-production and a national student art breaks workshop is being planned in conjunction with the D&AD.

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