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The Second World Premiere

SMFB, Oslo / FREIA / 2017

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Our approach was to focus on the film premiere.

Since "The Kings Choice" is based on real events, we also wanted to do something real and authentic.

Central parts of the film took part in the small town Elverum. And we decided to involve people who actually experienced the history in the film with their own eyes: The people now living in Elverum retirement home, who is not able to move 150 km to Oslo, to go to a film premiere.

The second premiere took part at Elverum Retirement home exactly at the the same time as in Oslo. The pictures from Oslo Concert Hall was streamed directly to the retirement home - and the pictures from Elverum Retirement home was streamed back to the big screen in Oslo. Erik Poppes opening speech actually became an emotional thank you speech directed to the real guests of honor this evening.


We shot our story on the opening night of “The King’s Choice”, where everyone at the premiere witnessed the interaction between director Erik Poppe, and the guests at the retirement home. From there, we edited in three days, and showed the documentation of the event as advertisement before every viewing nationwide.

Additionally, we used social media to create reach and engagement. Using our documentation in both long and cut down versions, we managed to reach our target audience with a manifestation of our role as the “movie chocolate”, in addition to increasing the interest of the movie.


The sponsorship and the campaign communicating it ended up with great sales results:

"M" sold 20,7 tonns more products compared to last year in the same period.

The total campaign reach in social media was 10% above target.

The position as "The Movie Chocolate" was consolidated.

And as more of a fun fact, the film documentation of the entire stunt has been added as a bonus track on the international BlueRay-edition of "The King´s Choice".

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