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The Sweat Sponsorship

F.BIZ, Sao Paulo / UNILEVER / 2018

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On April 15, 2018, Sport Club Corinthians made its debut in the biggest

football competition in Latin America.

And OMO Sports joined the team on the field in a completely unexpected

way: a brand sponsorship that was revealed on the jersey of the players

through their sweat.

In other words, a new product that removes sweat odor from clothes used

every drop of the athletes’ sweat to make an impression, and become

visible on the Corinthians jersey, revealing its arrival to the public. At the

stadium, on TV and social networks.

After all, if there is sweat, there has to be OMO Sports.


The execution of the idea had some steps: negotiation for the

sponsorship space on the jersey of a big football team, tests with

hydrochromic ink, and an amplifying action plan in the press and on

social media.

For 2 months, we tested the application of the ink on the OMO Sports


Then, we went to the field and ran some tests during Corinthians

practices. The local press reported the breaking news of the surprise

sponsorship, providing the action with lots of spontaneous media days

before the official game. After all, nobody knew the true identity of the

club’s new sponsor.

For the information not to leak, we developed a “game plan” that was put

into action during the match: we sent a release to the press, activated 10

macro-influencers’ profiles, aired an amplifying campaign, and replied to

comments on social networks.


Total of 115 million impacts.

More than US$ 15 million in earned media.

Total of 28,000 related searches on Google.

Approximately 18 million views on live TV.

Over 30,000 people watched live at the stadium.

Almost 2,500 tweets during the game.

80% of the spontaneous mentions were positive.

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