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This is a story of how a brand turned an ecological problem into an ecological solution and in doing so converted those most affected by the disaster into active brand advocates.

A container carrying hundreds of thousands of Tempo tissue packs fell from a cargo ship whilst in transit, washing ashore a beach in Casablanca Morocco, creating the potential for an environmental as well as a PR disaster.

Tempo could have ignored the situation in the hope that it would go away. Instead, we tackled the situation head on, leveraging our brand promise - With You For Life – to turn a negative situation into a positive outcome.

Our idea was simple and relevant. We salvaged the stricken container and turned it into an environmental learning center for the children of Casablanca, 100% solar powered and made with recycled materials wherever possible. Resolving an ecological problem with an ecological solution.

Working with the local authorities, businesses and an environmental charity to realise this project, we were able to create positivity towards the brand amongst this group for influencers. This later extended to the wider community.

Once the initiative was up and running we created a short film of the story which was deployed via social media to showcase the initiative to Tempo’s global audience. In our key markets, Germany, Italy and Hong Kong, we were able to drive views, culminating in shares and an improved disposition towards Tempo and a greater intention to purchase amongst those who had seen the film.


The idea that emerged, an environmental learning centre, an engaging place for children to learn how and why to care for the city they live in.

To build the centre’s environmental credentials further we powered it with 100% renewable solar and wind energy and filled it with furniture made from recycled materials.

We worked with the local shipping company to salvage a container and found a Casablanca based environmental charity to partner with, someone to provide the content and to hand the facility over to once complete.

Finally we found a local entrepreneur, a hero who worked tirelessly, to build the facility and help arrange the launch event. An event attended by local dignitaries, celebrities, press and most importantly local people and their children.

Today the facility has been made mobile and under the management of the environmental charity travels around Casablanca educating and engaging the next generation.


The video that we produced to tell this story was a great success. At the time of writing it has achieved over 3.4 million views and rising, with 21,000 shares which exceeds share rates by FMCG brands by 19%. This in turn has generated 250,000 visits to the Tempo website – an unprecedented volume.

Response to seeing the film in key markets was particularly strong. Favorability towards the brand saw an uplift by 25% in Germany and 44% in Italy. Germany also recorded that 76% of people who saw the film of the activity stated they were now more likely to buy Tempo tissue.

But best of all, we turned bad news into good news for the people of Morocco.

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