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Renault Kangoo is the best-selling work vehicle in Argentina, and an unconditional partner for small businesses for more than 20 years.

In the last economic crisis, Argentinian currency was devalued by 50,6%, industrial activity went under 56,6%, and more than 10.700 small companies closed.

In this context, we had to launch of the new Renault Kangoo model, not the best context for a launch, but a great opportunity to do something for our most loyal clients, small companies.

So, our task was to do the launch campaign and create a digital activation to generate engagement with the target.


By adopting the habit of Kangoo owners of plotting their vehicles with their company logo, we create a microsite that turns the new Renault Kangoo launch ads in free advertising for small companies, by "plotting" the Renault Kangoo of the ads with their logos and contact info.

This way, small companies had a mass media campaign by using the new Renault Kangoo launch one.


There are 839174 medium and small companies in Argentina, that represent the 99,8% of the total companies. In 2018 the country fall in a deep economic crisis and small businesses were the first to bear the brunt.

Renault Kangoo has been the best-selling work vehicle in the country, and most chosen by small businesses for more than 20 years. (+265.000 units solded)

So, for the launch of the new model, we decide strengthen this relationship by doing something to help them, using our launch campaign as a tool.

That´s how we create, a platform where small companies without budget for advertising, can have a free campaign by intervening the new Renault Kangoo launch campaign with their company logos and contact info.


The Unaffordable Campaign launched through an awareness campaign with two spots on Facebook, Instagram and Youtue, and a tutorial video that explains how the platform works, plus a display campaign of promoting the activation.

That campaign has a direct call to action to the site, where small companies have to upload logo and contact information, once they did it, we automatically published in all the media the launch campaign was appearing: Digital and traditional billboards, DCO banners, rich media banners, social media (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube) and newspapers.

The first launch of the campaign was from 12/15/18 up to 03/15/19. And the second launch was started on 04/15/19 and will finish on 05/30/19.


More than 100MM entrances to the site

5372 ussers upload logo and contact info.

5372 different messages were generated.

20k different ads were developed

Cost per usser was optimice by 52% Vs other Renault campaigns benchmark.

Convertions were improved by 300%

Overperformed leads kpi´s were improved by 15%

4,4MM impressions.

All these, just the first launch.

And most important, we reaffirm that new Renault Kangoo will always be small companies greatest partner.

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