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Netflix's Cobra Kai was dropping season IV. In seasons I-III, the main character, Johnny Lawrence, is known for drinking Coors Banquet, making it an icon in the show. So we knew that season IV was probably going to look like a giant, glorious - and free - commercial for our beer.

The primary objective of this program was to highlight, promote and celebrate that Coors Banquet is a favorite in the Netflix show Cobra Kai during the launch of season IV. At the same time, we couldn’t ‘officially’ talk about it because Coors Banquet didn’t pay for product placement. The Cobra Kai writers just love Coors Banquet - well, who doesn't?


The show usually shoots to the top of the charts of viewership. And we wanted to steal that attention, but we're not an official partner so we weren't legally allowed to say the name of the show. So how can you hijack the launch of a show when you can’t even mention the name of the show?

We created the #SeekTheBanquets campaign to become the unofficial, official sponsors of Cobra Kai, without ever using its name. Before its release, we launched a contest with a look and tone similar to Cobra Kai for viewers to guess or count each Coors Banquet sighting in season IV. The person with the correct answer won a dojo-load of beer, and Coors Banquet became the real star of the show.


Over the past three seasons, Coors Banquet has become the Unofficial “Official” beer of the Netflix show Cobra Kai. It’s the favorite beer of several characters appearing in multiple episodes each season. For the launch of Cobra Kai season IV, while Cobra Kai was being hyped in the press, we hyped that Coors Banquet was a part of the cult show (without ever mentioning that we were!) and created a campaign to spot the Banquets in each episode - #SeektheBanquets.


We leveraged owned social media properties and paid media on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Reddit, and CRM to drive awareness for #SeekTheBanquests campaign. We drove consumers to a landing page where they could enter their best guess for the number of Coors Banquet sightings in season IV of Cobra Kai. The person with the correct answer won a dojo-load of beer while making Coors Banquet the real star of the show. All creative was in the look and tone of Cobra Kai but without direct mention of the show’s name - thus making us the unofficial, official sponsors of Cobra Kai.


Paid and Organic Social exceeded performance expectations across all channels with all CPMs and organic impressions outpacing benchmarks within the first week.

12K Entries - surpassing Sweepstake Entries by 42%

Surpassed Reach goals by 26%

110.5M Impressions – surpassing our Impressions Goal by 95%

Surpassed Key Message Penetration Goal by 40%

Surpassed Sentiment Goal by 5%

Garnered 6 earned media social posts

Received 22 PR Placements with high profile publications like Forbes, AdAge, Brand Innovators, American Craft Beer, and others.

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