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Barbecue is still a very traditional category in Brazil. Full of rules and standards, with a lot of strings attached to meat. But the world has evolved a lot in the last decade, and so has barbecue. With more information and the explosion of influencers, new techniques and different kinds of food are going straight to the grill. You can't say the same about the brand's communication – always appealing to the same visual codes and old school speech. Tramontina, one of the world’s largest barbecue ware manufacturers and owner of a diverse and vast product line, decided to take a stand: to make everyone and every taste represented.


After a campaign that brought a fresh point of view to a traditional category, we decided to deconstruct barbecue's main visual icon: charcoal packs. Gas grillers are very rare in Brazil. So, in Brazil, if there's a barbecue, there's a charcoal pack. And charcoal packs are always the same. Almost all of them have a steak illustration. Using the same visual codes and breaking them, we recreated it. Seafood represented, fruits represented, vegetables represented, surf and turf represented, finally more than just steaks represented – and consequently, everyone who has different preferences.


We used the same basic techniques: 2D flat illustration, lithograph print and handmade typography, to create a special edition. The Charcoal Packs went straight to strategic point of sales. Premium butcheries, grocery stores and Tramontina's own store. The were positioned right next to special utensils used to make different kinds of food. The visuals were also distributed to other points of contact: posters, wrap papers, bags. And, finally, packs were sent to Brazil's biggest barbecue influencers, with a social network content challenge: to barbecue the food represented into each illustration.


A conservative part of the target didn't receive the news pretty well. However, a progressive target answered quickly, creating a debate. Influencers’ videos reached 3 times more organic views and 2 times more engagement than the brand's average, compared to previous contents. Special utensils sales had a 28% increase and, until last records, Tramontina BBQ campaign had more than 80% positive mentions, apart from bringing a disruptive point of view.

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