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#ThingsDontJudge (Sex Determination Kit)

BBDO INDIA, Mumbai / EBAY / 2017

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‘#ThingsDontJudge’ - is a movement for deeper social change that in today’s day and age of growing intolerance and prejudice encouraged Indians to boldly challenge norms of gender, age, sexual orientation, and religion with the help of eBay’s 100 million things that don’t judge.


The movement was led by a provocative film that showed people boldly challenging prejudices of gender, sexual-orientation, age among others, with the help of eBay’s 100 million things that don’t judge.

As more and more people shared and spoke about the message, their stories of challenging norms received through comments were turned into social media posts as inspiration.

eBay’s commitment did not stop there, in a bold step it launched website communication that replaced masthead image of product categories with an image that pushed the message of inclusion.

To push boundaries further, eBay decided to stand up against India’s gravest judgment- one against having girl children. Despite gender predictions of unborn child being illegal, such kits are easily found online. Here with website activation, eBay not just prohibited sales but also put out a strong message for those looking for such kits and suggested products that celebrate the girl-child instead.


The movement got the attention of and engaged people across the length and breadth of the nation. ‘#ThingsDontJudge’ turned into an empowering platform for people to share their stories of boldly challenging norms and prejudices to follow what they desire and believe in.

• The movement doubled the impact on brand positivity for eBay

• Direct visits to the eBay website saw a record incremental growth of 35%

• Google searches for eBay during the movement rose by 70%

• ‘#ThingsDontJudge’ led to highest ever increase in app downloads of 84%

• Not just that in an iconic move, a popular Indian columnist and novelist publically apologized to a leading actress for having made judgmental remarks about her in the past with #ThingsDontJudge’

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