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AFRICA, Sao Paulo / VIVO / 2015

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During the 2014 World Cup, Vivo Telefonica, the largest telecom company in Brazil and official sponsor of the national team, had a problem. Since it's not an official World Cup sponsor, the brand could not advertise on free TV during Brazil. In this way, Vivo asked the agency for a direct strategy to connect football fans to national team players via their mobile services.


First, we launched a mobile site where fans gave their telephone to David Luiz.

Next, we asked David Luiz to record personalized video messages thanking each fan that signed up for their support. There were 513 different names recorded. These SMS messages were sent to fans before and after the game.

In the World Cup quarterfinals, right after David Luiz scored a goal against Colombia, we instantly sent thousands of text messages to fans with a video of David Luiz dedicating the goal to him. And the best part: with the names of each fan written on his shirt.


The campaign was a success, with more than 250,000 Brazilians receiving their personalized videos via sms right after David Luiz's goal and right and before the matches.

In addition, the text messages took off on social media, since fans spread their videos with David Luiz, showing their names on the Brazil shirt, on all social networks, including Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. And even though the World Cup didn't have a happy ending for us, thanks to Vivo, thousands of Brazilians could feel closer and more connected to the National Team. And that happened in a way it had never happened before: directly on their cell phones.

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