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TikTok was the most downloaded app in the world in 2020 and was already a fever among young people in Brazil. Despite its success, it had the perception that it was just a social network of teen dancing and needed to establish it was much more: A creative content and entertainment platform for all ages. To change that mindset needed to impact entertainment generating awareness and improving the platform’s likability. In the year of realities, beyond a sponsorship, we created a unique integration between TikTok and A Fazenda - one of the highest rating TV shows on open TV in 2020 after BBB - where we guaranteed massive reach, positioned as high value content and entertainment platform and created awareness on key TikTok product features (TikTok Live, Challenges, Stickers).


Through an unprecedented cross-media integration, we merged the TV show with TikTok, creating an extended experience for the audience to take part of the game. We gave the audience first hand 3 participant reveals of the program. The cast broke isolation for the first time ever to bond with the fans through lives and the audience influenced the course of the house through voting scenarios that defined awards and penalties. We created the TikTok room and A Fazenda staggered viral hits on the platform to become the largest TV show profile.


We set the stage of how to fusion Reality TV entertainment with digital. We targeted the epicenter of entertainment talkability and bent the rules to build a cross media model with high impact and shareability. We built a journey to interact with consumers at all times during the program through extended experiences of the show, with A Fazenda's account on TikTok as the main entertainment hub and interaction that continuously looped in to TV and came back to TikTok over and over. With that we entered in the history of realities and TV, being the first time that the Brazilian was able to interact with the participants of a reality show and helping A Fazenda to break all popularity records and placing TikTok at the epicenter of popular culture inside and outside the cell phone.


The period of the project was from September 07th to December 20th at Record, Record News, R7 portal and TikTok. We had a lot deliveries to publicize the project, the main actions was:

• TikTok Room: Place for participants to create content during the program.

• Farmer's Live: Every week the leader broke isolation to interact with the audience, exclusively on TikTok – this live broke records as with the top 3 biggest live streams on TikTok Brazil.

• Power of the flame: Every week the public voted on TikTok for powers that directly impacted on the game dynamic.

• Creator in the Grand Final: The audience was challenged to post on the platform and using AR filter. One TikTok Creator was a guest in the grand final of the program. Results:708 MM videos views; 77 MM of interactions with the brand; 5,4 BI impacts; Brand awareness increased by 15%.


A Fazenda 12 became the world's largest reality show profile on TikTok with 5.6 million followers and the biggest commercial success in Record's history: The first time in history that a reality show sent the country’s biggest TV network - Globo - to second place on Ibope. The show’s profile had over 930 million in-app views and thousands of reinterpretations on TikTok. The public chose Jojo Todynho - a black overweight woman from a low-income neighborhood - to be the great champion of reality. We totalled 5.4 billion crossmedia impacts, 708 million video views, 77 million interactions. TikTok awareness grew 15%, being the highest recall campaign of 2020, being 60% user and 43% non-user. It was the Live with more simultaneous users in the history of TikTok Brazil to date. And finally we changed TikTok perception, being considered an entertainment platform by 67% of the target.

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