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Time Is Precious

WIEDEN+KENNEDY, Portland / NIKE / 2017

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Much of our screen time is actually quite predictable. There will always be an avalanche of opinions on Twitter. Zombies will continue to die in successive episodes and seasons of The Walking Dead. Celebrities will be doing celebrity things in every new issue of Us Weekly. Yet we still waste hours of time with these things. Our idea was to help people realize this—in the most explicit way possible—by spoiling things people are going to watch, view, or read . . . without actually spoiling them. This was all done to save people time, because Time is Precious and it’s much better spent running, training, or playing than sitting behind a screen.


Our message came to life in film through short, text-based videos narrated by Siri, all designed to snap people out of their screen-induced daze. Each piece of communication delivered a “spoiler,” giving viewers a tongue-in-cheek overview of what they already knew was about to happen on their screen or feed.

The campaign kicked off on a Sunday, taking over Twitter with a promoted trend and first-view video that took aim at the oversharing of opinions on the platform. That evening, our message evolved to target the sharing of zombie opinions around The Walking Dead. In parallel, we dropped the message in the show’s finale that night.

For the following three weeks, we customized interruption messages for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, across reality shows, network marathons, and holiday re-airs, and celebrity news programs like Access Hollywood and E! News. Us Weekly also featured a full-page ad that disrupted readers.


This campaign set out to interrupt unproductive behavior in the places where it happens most. The results show that we did just that. In total, our films drove more than 80MM views on TV and another 120 million in digital—that’s over 200 million disruptions that saved people time so they could get off their screens and get moving.

And on the topic of getting people moving, we believe that based on sales data, the campaign inspired people to do just that. At, sales of the season’s leading footwear increased 80% for women and 123% for men post-campaign. In Nike retail stores, comparative sales increased 76% and 47% respectively. Our lead apparel product, the Hyperwarm, drove a 214% increase in sales at relative to the prior year.

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