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NORD DDB, Stockholm / ELKJP / 2019

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Elkjøp is the largest retailer of home-electronics in the Nordics. In previous years, they have been trapped in a price and assortment war with its competitors. This year, they wanted to rise above this, stir emotions and increase penetration in the market. One of the goals Elkjøp had was to increase brand liking to 44% (from today’s 32%) in 2020. Considering the scale of the brand and the need for increased penetration, the target audience was basically everyone in the Nordics, using a video- and reach strategy.


Considering the ambition of increased brand liking, a grand idea was needed. An idea big enough to win Christmas this year. An idea that forced everyone on the team, externally and internally, to push themselves to the furthest. By using a product from Elkjøp’s wide product range, letting it come to life as a communication vehicle cross generations, we could show how a gift can be more than a gift. Since technology has a beautiful possibility to connect people, even when offline, bringing people closer together.


The strategy is based in Elkjøp’s tagline: more than things. A thing is always more than just a thing, and just like that – a gift is more than a gift. If you fill the moment of giving with something more, something deeper, something real. Then, technology has the ability to connect people, to open eyes, to share precious moments in life.


The campaign was launched the 2nd of December 2018 and ran up until the 26th the same month. The target audience was the not so easily impressed group called: everyone in the Nordics. Since we wanted to reach as many people as possible to increase penetration during the important sales period Christmas, we went with a video- and reach strategy. Using a four-minute long drama, broadcasted on Youtube. Shorter versions and trailers were broadcasted on Youtube, in social media, and as TVC. The film broke through the clutter and the hero film made over 1 million views during the campaign period.


By using a balanced but rich media mix, we allowed ourselves to be as contextually relevant as possible relative to the consumers while ensuring the reach and impact we strived for to make a lasting impression. With traditional, broad reach and high impact media such as TV & Cinema combined with more conversion-driven messaging in digital, highly targeted Online Video, we broke through the clutter the way we intended. The film got 30 times more comments on the film across Nordics on Youtube compared to average previous films. This suggests that engagement was high and that the film resonated well in terms of tone and visual with the Nordic people.

Impressions during the campaign period: 2 880 000

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