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N=5, Amsterdam / KPN / 2016

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Some argue that (telecom) technology disconnects us from each other. This commercial sheds a different light on this argument. It shows us how telecom technology offers us new possibilities to stay connected with the people we care about the most. In this sense technology has given us a new freedom. In this film we see two toddlers and their granddad experience this new freedom. The two toddlers accidentally get on Facetime with their granddad. What we’re seeing is real: the two toddlers are actually calling their real grandpa in France from Dubai. After a few minutes Facetiming with their granddad, the toddlers loose interest, as toddlers tend to do. And abruptly hang up on grandpa to watch a sing along movie. Illustrating that choosing not to connect is also part of freedom that technology gives us.

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