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INITIATIVE, Mexico City / UNILEVER / 2016

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YouTube is one of the most popular search engines providing inspiring and exciting content, and the use of mobile access in Mexico is growing rapidly (8 points vs previous year). So the idea was to create an unbranded, content platform, including a YouTube channel, a blog and a Facebook fan page, where women would find answers about skin care, including products but not sponsored by them. In order to really answer their queries, there was a constant (monthly) listening to detect interest subjects, based in which content was produced and renewed. And if they don’t trust brands, they certainly trust people, so we created three influencers: women representing different ages and skin types. As for our portfolio, content integrated our products organically, just as influencers do, not advertising it but demonstrating it, also providing information about products and ways to purchase it.


First we detected the main queries and produced content about this subjetcs.

Our first video was released, introducing the three new influencers, through all three platforms, on august 4th, 2016. Paid activity, that would direct people to YouTube channel, which in turn will have links to the vlog and the fan page.

A constant listening was deployed so we could detect , along with the upcoming comments on the platforms, the most relevants questions and subjects. Based on that we produced and updated content (29 videos, total; 2 daily vlog articles), allowing women to comment, share and suscribe.

Additionally we implemented a SEO strategy to generate relevance levels on YouTube and Google searches.


From august 4th, 2015 to date:

YouTube channel


-7,479,693 minutes of viewed content

-31,969 suscribers on YouTube (254% more than Dove Mexico brand site)



-922 comments, 5% of which requesting info about the products depicted on videos

-45% average retention rate of our videos (70% is the average of most popular youtubers)

Facebook fan page

-218,205 fans on Facebook

-409,204 interactions





-19,229,060 total reach

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