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Toyota 86 "I'm Outside"

FCB AFRICA, Johannesburg / TOYOTA / 2016

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South Africans spend many hours on the Internet, and 50% of that time is on Facebook. Like everything else in the nowadays, Facebook is connected, entertaining and instantaneous. Your friends immediately see your posts and instant message conversations on the platform’s Chat are the ubiquitous screens within the screen on the homepage of the self.

By using the timeline on mobile devices, and the banner space on the right hand side of the timeline on desktops- the space that chat windows pop up over- we created little instant message stories that mimicked the native chat interface.

In each targeted execution, we see a conversation between two people, establishing the one at a different location to the other, where something exciting is about to happen. Then, within a minute, distant friend has arrived. The ad concludes with a pitch for the Toyota 86. The 147kW Toyota 86. Go play.



We advertised on Instagram and Facebook, using instant messaging to illustrate the vehicle’s speed.

Placements on Facebook were optimised to work best with the “chat pop-up” execution. Website Click & Video ads appeared in the Right-hand-side ad-format on Facebook – creating the illusion that a online chat was taking place.

To extend reach and impact, the Video ads also appeared within user’s Newsfeeds which, when viewed on mobile, mimicked the smartphone Facebook Chat interface.

Our timeline is 2 weeks.


We chose the two platforms with the largest reach in our audience.

Through careful targeting, the campaign could reach a Potential audience of 720,000 Male users on Facebook and 220,00 Males on Instagram – ensuring our message reaches the most relevant audience, who love fun and fast cars.

In the real-time results report, we tracked clicks, video views and actual users reached against the spend. Final results in link below.


List the results.

The campaign is being tracked in real-time, please see updates on this link:

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