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SAATCHI & SAATCHI LA, Los Angeles / TOYOTA / 2012






We created a digital, interactive, platform that evolved based on user interaction. A choose-your-own-adventure logic allowed people to go through a series of rapid-fire questions to create a unique 'Effect' personal to them, and their experiences with Camry. The 'Effect' was showcased as a 3D animated picture story, that allowed you to interact with the scene and statistics, to understand just where you fit into the grand Camry Effect scheme. People could come to the site and explore by Theme, Location or Timeline, so the entire experience became a useable, social tool for Camry Owner and intenders. After accruing 15,000 effects, shortly after launch, we decided to test the Camry Effect on a larger stage: The Super Bowl. We created two commercials that ran during the Big Game. To support these spots, we partnered with Shazam to pull off a first-ever live car giveaway using the social media app.


Toyota Camry — arguably the most ubiquitous, easy-to-miss car on the road today. The challenge was to get people talking about a car no one talks about. There are nearly 7m Camry drivers out there; most of them don’t know each other, nor do they participate in online discussions. How could we get Camry owners to connect and share their Camry stories?Our strategy was to create a place for owners to tell their stories. A place Camry intenders could come to read reviews and find out what others are doing with Camry. A place where everyone could connect through their shared experiences. If we could get even a fraction of the 6.8m Camry owners to tell their story, we’d have a pretty powerful tool to sway other shoppers toward Camry. In essence, we’d have a Yelp-like site people could visit to write reviews, memories, and do research before buying.


The results were nothing short of inspiring: - 4.6m earned media impressions during Super Bowl weekend, a jump from 17,000 effects to 80,000, in 3 days- 710,000 visitors, spending an average of 4 minutes on the site- 800% spike in real world Camry interest - 19% more Camry sales leads than pre-campaign.

What we saw was inspiring: people were returning to the site to comment on other people’s effects, thank each other for good tips and talk about how Camry has become a part of their family.

This interactive, integrated campaign was completely un-incentivised. We got over 80,000 people to tell their Camry story with an untold hundreds of thousands more to come, click around. Essentially, we got a quiet crowd of people to come together and tell the world about their car, and they did, all because of their love for Camry and the opportunity we put in front of them.

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