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The Transporters mobile game is part of a wider launch of the Global News site, one of the Volvo Group’s windows to the world, where news and events relating to the Volvo Group are presented.

On Global News the visitor finds articles, photo stories and TV reports covering a wide variety of subjects related to the transport and infrastructure industries. As well as the latest news from the Volvo Group who meets daily needs all over the world. Needs that might involve transporting food, carrying passengers and goods, or building roads and houses.

The Transporters game was launched October 29th on Global News, App Store on Google Play. The launch involved zero in paid media, but was preceded by a trailer, released on You Tube October 15th. It was viewed 223 000 times. 87,7 % of the views was through a mobile unit. At the day of launch the Transporters was promoted through:

a) An article in Resumé - The largest business magazine on media and marketing communications (in the Nordic region)

b) An ad in Volvo Global Magazine

c) Press Releases through My Newsdesk and Cision

d) Links on

e) Yammer, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter

f) A second trailer on You Tube


Transporters topped "Free Apps" on App Store after 48 hours, and between October 29th and December 15th there was more than 520,000 downloads of the game on App Store. On Google Play there was 830,000 downloads of Transporters during the same period and the game got more than 2000 reviews, with an average rating of 4.28 out of 5. There was a leaderboard connected to the game. It had almost 11,000 entries during the two-month period.

What about the Global News site?

After the Transporters trailer was released the site had around 4000 views. At the point of game release the number of visits rose to 10,000. Two months after game release there had been 83,000 views of the Global News site.

Media interest?

The Transporters game attracted great interest in the media and in blogs etc.


At this point Transporters has been downloaded more than 1,8 million times. It's a fabulous success which Volvo Group had not dared to hope for.

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