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For the last few years, our antidote to isolation has been accumulation. Buying stuff. Lots and lots of stuff. But the trouble is, the temporary high of accumulating stuff is just that - temporary. Together with Expedia, we saw an opportunity to remind people that what really matters in life is the experiences we have, not the things we buy.


We knew we needed to put our money where our mouth was. During the Super Bowl, while other brands sold stuff in their ads, we turned their ads into a chance to travel. Teaser videos, paid social, push notifications, and emails encouraged people to tune into the game and follow us on Twitter for their chance to #TraveltheAds. And as the ads released, we gave away trips (rather than more stuff!) in real-time in the form of custom postcards inspired by the destinations featured in each ad, taking fans way beyond just watching.


To establish this point of view, there was no better stage for us than the Super Bowl: the day that consumerism is at its most heightened. Quite literally, our own ad would be a commentary on all the other ads running that day; playfully subverting the format in order to make an important point about what matters most to us all. Then, online we gave people the opportunity to experience this firsthand and potentially win a trip to make memories of their own - all without having to buy any of the "stuff" being promoted that day.


We began our campaign with our own Super Bowl ad, referencing iconic Super Bowl ads of the past, each one famous for selling a physical product. We then got Ewan MeGregor (Obi Wan Kenobi), someone who embodies wisdom and the spirit of exploration, to deliver a bold message, "Experiences are more important than things". Then, online, we turned 20 commercials from this year's game into travel experiences you could win. As each ad aired we live Tweeted trips for people to #TravelTheAds so they could go beyond the stuff being sold in each ad. All people had to do was Quote RT for a chance to win. It worked. The engaging social activation stole the attention for Expedia, elevating the brand in a competitive industry as the most talked-about travel brand during Super Bowl.


7.14 Billion Earned Impressions

42K Valid Entries in our Hashtag

180X More Reach Than Other Travel Brands

Winner The Most Creative Brand During The Game

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