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GREY, London / TUBORG / 2018

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Tuborg Open lives is the real life, real time, integrated messenger experience, that lets consumers walk a 21st-century mile in someone else’s shoes.

Built on the Facebook messenger platform, the chat-bot takes on the personality of cultural pioneers, urban celebrities and local legends, letting our target explore the subcultures in their city.

Targeted social ads connected consumers directly to our influencers, where they were guided to secret hideaways, underground parties, offbeat shops, concerts, and bars. All based on their life experiences and personalities.

They interacted with our audience through conversation, instructions, photos, and a raft of other personalized content - playlists, photos, insider tips. They would also offer in-bar discounts and even order the taxis.

Using a multitude of technologies, we created unique, immersive journeys around Belgrade that let you experience their lives as if you were them.


The activation was built over 9 months using existing technologies to optimise the user experience. We used Facebook Messenger as the messaging platform, for the Chatbot backend implementation, and different APIs were integrated to offer different services within the conversation.

- Google Maps for directions to reach the locations

- adds Natural Language Processing functionality so the bot is able to recognise words that are not curated.

- Uber adds a Taxi service to the locations with 2 taps.

- Spotify allowed the user to play music while in conversation.

- Google Vision allows the bot to recognise the User’s photos and respond.

Each location presented a challenge for the user to carry out following the influencer’s instructions. Three Open Lives Chatbots have been piloted in Serbia. Russia and Italy will be launching in September, and another 4 markets are ready to produce their Open Lives experience.


Online Engagement

- 55% increase on Facebook clickthrough rate from last year campaign

- 25% increase on Instagram clickthrough rate from last year campaign


Business impact – sales, donations, site traffic

- Over 500 unique journeys taken with the brand in under 2 weeks.


Response rate

- 24.9% of people who arrived at the bot landing page, chose to activate it

- 96% of users engaged with it

- 22% re-engaged the next day



- 514,714 impressions between organic and paid posts on Instagram in 2 weeks

- 273,419 impressions between organic and paid posts on Instagram in 2 weeks


Change in behaviour

- 72.7% of reviews rated it “5 –awesome”, 18.3% rated it “4-good”, 100% rated it positive (4 or 5).


Consumer awareness

- Facebook campaign reached 62% of target group, Instagram campaign reached 64% of potential target group

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