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BBDO NEW YORK, New York / HBO / 2010

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HBO has a long history of programming that is deeper, richer and more unexpected than any other network’s. They needed an integrated campaign that reflected their unique brand of storytelling, spoke to fans and nonfans alike, and cemented their position as leaders in creative storytelling, while encouraging people to connect deeper with the brand.

Our solution was a multiplatform campaign themed, 'It’s more than you imagined.' Each piece of the campaign worked individually, delivering 'It’s more than you imagined' in a compelling way. Simultaneously, all the campaign pieces worked in concert with the others, serving as a part of a larger narrative, which could be experienced on the campaign website. When the content (Web, TV, OOH) was viewed in this second context, they were seen differently, presenting them as part of a larger story, and changing people’s understanding of the story as they watched more and more content.


The campaign included many pieces of branded content from many different media channels: television commercials, Web films, expandable video banner ads, direct response pieces, and the Cube, a first-of-its-kind four-sided outdoor film event – all of which directed viewers to an interactive website experience (that housed all aforementioned content and showed the pieces again in a whole new light, creating a new understanding of the story). The beauty of this campaign was that whether people watched a TV spot, the Cube, or experienced the entire web of content, they got our message. Additionally, each piece of content delivered “It’s more than you imagined” twice – on its own, and when revealed as part of the larger narrative.


The multimedia push created much buzz, excitement and satisfied viewings. The 14-foot cube played two distinct films and appeared in three major cities. Thousands of people turned out for all three Cube events. The events were well attended and drove hundreds of thousands of unique visitors to the campaign website – with 70% of users recommending it to friends. Subscriber and nonsubscriber impressions of HBO as “innovator” rose over 30 percent, and The New York Times said that the Imagine campaign set a new bar in interactive fiction.

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