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WIEDEN + KENNEDY, Sao Paulo / TIM / 2015

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To generate interest in the soccer app released by TIM, Brazil's largest pre-paid mobile phone service operator, we dared soccer fans - obviously our most opportunistic audience - to take the challenge of one-upping each other online.

We asked fans to tweet their support for their teams. Then, in a studio, we turned selected tweets into support chants - actual team support chants - that were chanted by dozens of soccer fans in the stands, with props and all.

We quickly taped and edited these chants, feeding them back into Twitter and daring the next group of supporters in line to top them, over and over - just like fans do in the stands.


Twittorcida. What if you could create the next chant to support your soccer team?

1 – People tweeted their support for their teams.

2 – We turned these tweets into chants.

3 – 60 supporters sang them, making videos for social media.

A real time activation.

The campaign started 1 week before activation day.

We explained the activation and encouraged supporters to send tweets of new support chants for their teams.

On activation day, we chose 17 tweets, turned them into chants, rehearsed them with 60 real supporters, recorded them, and uploaded them to TIM’s social channels.



1 day

17 chants

95 thousand tweets

4.5 million views

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