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Twix Face Off

IMPACT BBDO, Dubai / MARS / 2019


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Twix has ran a brand platform that teases the public about the “difference” between Left and Right for a number of years. It’s often brought to life on TV and in digital video content, using creative executions personifying Left and Right as two people. For the first time ever, we invited the public to join the story and put themselves at the heart of the brand’s Left and Right debate.


The creative idea is to ask the public to “pick a side” in the ongoing left and right debate by submitting a selfie online. The selfie was then mirrored - creating two new photos - one made out of two lefts and one made out of two rights. The user could then “pick a side” by sharing their preferred photo across social media. Essentially creating an advertisement for our “Two Lefts” or “Two Rights” Twix packs.


Strategically we identified personalisation as a key way to overcome the failure to understand the Twix brand platform - a common barrier faced in our region. We then decided that tapping in on an existing social practice used by our target audience would help in the translation of the key message. By inviting people to become part of our campaign and asking them to literally “Pick A Side”, we were able to deliver our brands communication in a engaging and salient way.


To execute the idea we launched a series of print, outdoor, and digital advertisements that illustrated what happens when you apply the Twix duality to someone’s face. A call to action asked people to “Pick A Side”, the brands tag line and to generate their own version of the ad on our microsite. On the custom built site, users could take or upload a selfie and then share the results across social media further driving awareness.


More than 10,000 entries in the first week, brand love increased by 97% (internal mars research entity), +11% increase in sales, 86% engagement rate (best ever for a Twix


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