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Despite being one of the top brands in the world, UnitedHealthcare was virtually invisible. Research showed that only 15% of their members could recall the brand. Moreover, UnitedHealthcare was perceived as a stuffy, traditional corporation rather than the innovative and human-centered brand they are. The company falls under a category experienced by consumers as complex and intimidating. The brief was to modernize UnitedHealthcare’s visual identity system without undermining the trust they’ve built.


Our solution transforms latent brand assets into a cohesive and unmistakable visual identity system, infusing warmth and personality previously lacking in the brand. Once an unloved symbol, the U-mark is recrafted to become the heart of the brand. It works on two levels, representing the U for UnitedHealthcare and U as in y-o-u, the people UnitedHealthcare is proud to serve.


As the new brand beacon, the U-mark is liberated from the logo lock-up and optimized for a digital world. It comes to life as a dynamic Ribbon element, embodying the brand’s purpose of creating connections that champion better health everyday. The visual language of the U-mark serves as the DNA for a distinct iconography and illustration style. A focused approach to color and typography brings discipline to the design system and ensures all parts of the business speak as one voice. The new brand assets and guidelines are centralized in a digital brand hub, making them easy to update and accessible to designers, agents and external partners.


"We work hard to connect the world to better health, but the world doesn't necessarily see the behind-the-scenes effort and care that goes into making UnitedHealthcare a modern, trusted health care brand,” says Tami Reller, Chief Marketing & Experience Officer of UnitedHealthcare. “Enacting [this new identity ensures] a unified and unmistakable brand experience across every touch point, one that will properly convey the care we use to address each individual customer experience." UnitedHealthcare’s inspiring new visual identity shifts brand perception from complex and corporate to simple, human, and modern. The robust toolkit of fixed and flexible design assets empowers UnitedHealthcare to build a memorable brand presence and express their full potential as the leader in health care.

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